Latest edition of the West Midlands in Europe eNewsletter online

West Midlands in Europe partners can check out the new eNewsletter on our website via the following link:

This edition highlights the European Councils adoption of Europe 2020.

A few of the other featured articles and topics in the latest edition include:

Business & Single Market

Ø Food Labelling: Parliament reaches a decision

Ø Organic labelling rules come into force

Ø Commission seeks contract law solution

Research & Innovation

Ø Europeans are more interested in science than sport

Ø Commission concerned about net neutrality

Ø EU works on a standard charging system for electric cars

Environment & Climate Change

Ø Experts stress raw materials are under pressure

Ø Council adopts environment Conclusions

Ø Commissioner unveils environmental code of conduct

Ø Member States miss renewables action plans deadline

Skills, Health & Social Issues

Ø Commission aims to inform passengers about rights

The Bigger Picture

Ø Europe 2020 adopted by European Council

Ø European Council adopts Conclusions

Ø Council looks at implementing Citizen’s Initiative

Ø Belgium prepares to take over EU Presidency

And all the latest European events and Partner Searches.

Please get in touch with us for more information on any of these topics –

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